Lenses Fogging Up? Try Purchasing Better Prescription Glasses Online

If you live in a cold or humid climate, you’ve probably experienced the hassle of having your regular prescription sunglasses fog up, even more so when you’re cycling. Fogged up lenses are not only an annoyance, they can also be risky. If you are truly bothered by your lenses fogging up while you’re on the road, Rebecca of Easy Cycling offers these convenient tips:

how to stop your glasses fogging up then cycling

Look for a quality anti fog product to put on your glasses

Anti-fog products all work in the same basic way—by applying a thin film on your lenses that prevent water in the air from condensing into tiny droplets on your lenses. After application, “You shouldn’t see steam on the glasses when you breathe on them as a test. They are then ready to use,” Rebecca advises.

Look for a better quality pair of glasses

In winter, we just want to protect our eyes and it’s easy to go for the very cheapest. But the very cheapest usually come with the cheapest plastic…plastic which steams up at the slightest slowdown in pace on the bike,” Rebecca warns. She also adds that “When you do buy a pair of sunglasses for winter riding, make sure they are ‘tinted’ orange or yellow. You can opt for transparent, but tinted is better when it’s foggy conditions. The tint helps brighten up your ride all round.”

As much as you enjoy the sport of cycling, you should not also neglect the importance of proper cycling wear – and this includes the kind of eyeglasses you put on. Every item, from the helmet to the cycling shorts, is specifically designed to allow for optimal cycling performance, while at the same time giving protective clothing to the rider. You’re taking so much care of your cycling wardrobe, why should you not take care of your eyeglasses and eyesight to keep you safe on the road?

Fortunately, you can now purchase high quality prescription glasses online. Just make sure to purchase them from trusted online sellers like

(Article Information and Image from How To Stop Your Glasses Fogging Up When Cycling…, Easy Cycling)

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