Choosing Lens Material/Thickness

Suggested Lens Materials

Any prescription from a
✔+ O UNTIL 2

Can use a plastic.

However, polycarbonate is stronger and lighter. Officially shatterproof.

Any prescription from a
✔+ 2 UNTIL 4

Should use a polycarbonate or 1.6 lens.

The difference in a 1.6 is a slightly thinner lens than the polycarbonate.

Any prescription from a
✔+4 UNTIL A 7

Should use hi-index 1.67 lenses.

You could also use 1.7, which is thinner.

Anything above a 6

should use a 1.74; the thinnest lens around.

Bifocal is a two-part lens. Distance and reading in one.

Progressive is a no-line bifocal.


Scratch resistance: an extra layer of scratch-proofing.

UV Coating: Protection against the sun.

Anti-reflective coating: Mainly used to block glare from computers or lights. Makes vision sharper, and the lens clearer.

Crizal: an anti-reflective, anti-fog, and anti-smudge coating.

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