Lens Tints

Lens Tints are Available in a Wide Range of Colors to Meet Your Individual Needs

For general use, the dark grey/smoke lenses are the most popular.

They do not distort colors, they reduce glare to provide all day comfort, and reduce ultraviolet (UV) light to a safe level. The Military has been using dark grey/smoke lenses for over 45 years. However some other lens colors can provide sports specific attributes.

Popular Tints Tints for Activities
Lens Tints

Popular Lens Tints and Coatings

Grey-Green Lens Tints
Grey-Green Lens Tints

The second most common type of lens color blocks out the brightest of the sun’s rays making them perfectly suited for anyone who works and plays outdoors, especially for water sports activities where there can be lots of glare. Their color is also light enough that it does not impair your vision or distort color values.

Copper, Brown, or Dark Amber Lens Tints
Amber/Copper/Brown Lens Tints

Ideal for sports where acute visual perception and contrast differentiation are important, this type of tinting blocks out the blues found in diffused light such as on a cloudy day.  If you live in areas where the weather pattern changes on a regular basis, this tint is for you. The copper/ brown coloring helps to improve contrasts between colors, reduces glare, and increasing depth perception.  The brown tinting is especially useful in situations where you are required to judge distances constantly, such as golf, tennis, or skiing. Fisherman and golfers have found the brown tints help to highly contrasts in greens and blues.

Yellow Tinted Lens
Yellow Tinted Lens

These high-intensity tints increase maximum visual performance in low-light driving, such as during inclement weather and night driving. Like the previous tints, yellow improves contrast and reduces glare.  It also works to preserve sharpness by enhancing filtering out scattered blue light from a scene. Common users are hunters, tennis players, and pilots.

Rose Tinted Lens
Rose Tinted Lens

Whereas other tints filter out blue light, rose tinted lenses block blue light completely.  They offer a high contrast view that is soothing to the eyes. Many find that this greatly increases road visibility and provides a much more comfortable view for long periods of time. Computer users that stare at screens for long periods of time also find that rose tinted lenses reduce eyestrain and glare.

Blue Lens Tints
Blue Lens Tints

Blue-tinted lenses are the preferred lens tints of tennis professionals. The USPTA endorses the blue-tinted color and even provided linepersons with blue-tinted glasses at the 2000 French Open. This high-contrast lens helps to reduce glare from visible white light.  It can also be helpful against glares off of mist, water, snow and fog.

Grey/smoke Lens Tints
Grey/Smoke Lens Tints

Grey lenses almost always provide more light reduction than those of any other tint, and for that reason they are the best choice for spending long periods outside in the sun. Grey is a neutral color, and these lenses do not alter the way the eye perceives color. Still, this does mean that grey lenses provide less contrast, and certain colors and objects will not “pop out.”

Popular Lens Tints for Activities

Amber Tinted Lens Yellow Tinted Lens

Amber or yellow, add an anti-reflective or clear coating

Amber Tinted Lens Yellow Tinted Lens Grey/smoke Lens Tints

Amber or yellow indoors or cloudy days; smoke/grey on sunny days

Grey/smoke Lens Tints Amber Tinted Lens
Baseball, Football, and Soccer

Active outdoor sports such as Baseball, Football, and Soccer grey/smoke, or brown/amber are best

Green Tinted Lens Grey Tinted Lens
Golfing (Sunny)

On Sunny Days smoke/grey or grey-green are best

Amber Tinted Lens Yellow Tinted Lens
Golfing (Overcast)

Golfing on Overcast or Cloudy Days use amber or yellow tinted lenses

Grey/smoke Lens Tints
Beach Activities

Vacationing at the Beach the best tint is grey/smoke

Grey Tinted Lens Amber Tinted Lens

Grey/smoke, or brown/amber that are Mirror-coated or polarized  are best

Grey Tinted Lens Yellow Tinted Lens

Anti-reflective coated yellow for cloudy days; and smoke/grey for sunny ones

Grey/smoke Lens Tints Amber Tinted Lens

Mirror-coated smoke/grey, or brown lenses are best for outdoor activities in high levels of snow coverage

Choosing the right lens

Steps and information to choose your perfect lens. 

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